About Us & Pronto

Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by and checking us out.  We're Franky + Meridith Benincasa, and we opened Pronto in October 2012.  We're both from Lexington (well, Franky moved here from NY when he was 3, but we'll let that slide) and we've had quite the journey together since we met and fell in love way back in HIGH SCHOOL!  After college graduations, we opened our first restaurant together in Charlottesville, Va.

In April 2007, we moved back to Lexington and partnered with Franky's parents in their business, The Sheridan Livery Inn & Restaurant.  Two years later, in 2009, we had our son, Francesco, and were especially grateful to be back home with lots of family support.  While it was great to come home and join the family business, we were both eager to have our own place again and wanted to create a space that, while catering to everyone, would be especially inviting to young families like ours.   

Pronto is our business, but it is also a second home to us and our family (which added a new member in Dec. 2015 with the arrival of baby Giulia). We hope that you enjoy our homemade breads, gelati, and delicious coffee, but, most importantly, we hope that you always feel welcomed and at home. 



Franky + Meridith

540.464.1472  I   26 South Main Street   Lexington, VA  24450