– Employment at Pronto–

[We will have an opening for Barista in August! ]



Our baristas are responsible for making all coffee/espresso beverages.  Baristas also scoop gelato, do limited food prep, and operate the POS system and register. Barista experience is not required.  We provide the training, but we look for people who are friendly, energetic, dependable, detail oriented, creative, and can work well with others on the team and provide excellent service to our customers.  Applicants must be at least 18 (21 is preferred).  


Our August opening will start the week of August 11th  and is for the following shifts: Wednesdays 10:30am-5pm and Thursdays 2pm until close (about 8:30pm).  There is a chance that we might also have an opening for Tuesdays 2pm until close (about 8:30pm).  We would like whoever we hire for the Wed/Thurs shifts to also be available Tuesdays since there is a good possibility that this shift will become available.  Pronto has a set schedule so the shifts (days/times/hours) would be the same every week.  

The new hire would be expected to come in for 3 training shifts in late July or early August and then start in mid August.  Pronto will be closed for vacation July 29-Aug 7 so we would need to work training around this.  Please inquire below.