Winter Recharge

The chirping birds and fresh grass shoots outside my window have me pining for spring! Let's face it, when it's cold and gray (and dark at 5:30pm!) it can be hard to feel inspired and energized.  I'm not here to say that the winter doldrums don't affect us because THEY DO, but we've gotten better at heading them off. Different things resonate with different people, but one of our favorite ways to keep the winter blues at bay is to check out what others are doing and learning something new! We've been LOVING


This is a website/app that allows you to take classes on tons of different subjects from drawing to health & wellness!  I love Kate Arends' blog  Wit & Delight and have been enjoying her classes on branding.  Franky has taken several of the photography courses.  The great thing about Skillshare, besides the fact that they let you try it out for FREE (and, if you do sign up, it's pretty inexpensive-$8.25/month), is that most of the courses are pretty short (as in under an hour!) and are broken up into segments so it's easy to watch either the entire course or just a couple of segments, pause and finish later.  These courses have been an awesome way to pass the time in the never ending after school pick up line (Franky often takes a class while he's waiting for bread to proof); a great personal and professional recharge when we need a little extra inspiration.

Different, but along the the same lines as Skillshare, is Masterclass.  We haven't dived in yet, but this too looks like a great resource to refresh and refine current skills and learn new ones.  Masterclass is more expensive ($180/yr), but all of the courses are taught by world renowned experts in their fields (Stephen Curry, Thomas Keller, Werner Herzog, etc.)  and are much longer and in-depth than those offered through Skillshare.  If anyone has tried Masterclass,  we'd love to hear about your experience with it.

Now, here's to the sliver of sunshine trying to poke through the clouds and the promise of spring days ahead!


Meridith + Franky



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